Direct API

Service for automating advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct.

Client applications use the API to add and configure campaigns, ads and phrases, and get statistics and financial reports.

Who should use the API

Large commercial organizations, advertising agencies and online shops. It is not always convenient for them to manage advertising campaigns via the Yandex.Direct web interface. This can be motivation for developing custom applications that interact with Yandex.Direct via the API.

How to develop an application

The documentation has sample applications for the most popular programming languages — PHP, Perl and Python.

1Choose how to interact with the API: JSON (recommended) or SOAP.
2Choose the type of authorization: access tokens (recommended) or certificates.
3Review the list of API methods.
4Find out about restrictions on API usage.
5Use the Sandbox for application debugging.


10 April 2014 We recommend getting the WSDL description over the HTTPS protocol.

10 April 2014 The Live 4 API has a new method for stopping and restarting impressions for keyword phrases.

1 April 2014 Data structures have changed in version 4 and Live 4.

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