Direct API

User’s Agreement

This Agreement governs relations between You (hereinafter, ‘You’ or the “User’) and YANDEX LLC (hereinafter, ‘Yandex’) as regards use of API functionality (hereinafter, ‘API’) on the Yandex.Direct service (hereinafter, the ‘Service’).

Yandex gives You the opportunity to use API to create applications which directly interact with the Service and serve to manage the User’s advertising campaigns, as well as to use API in other ways which do not contradict this Agreement. Use of API within the context of the Service is governed by this Agreement, by the Service Offer located at the address, and by the User’s Agreement located at the address

By using the API, You thereby expressly agree with all the conditions of this Agreement and of the aforementioned documents, and you undertake to observe them or to stop using API.

For purposes of this Agreement, the following terms are used:

  • API Yandex.Direct — an interactive program interface between the User’s attachments and the Yandex.Direct system.

  • Certificate — a digital document certifying the match between the key and information identifying the owner of the key. It contains information about the owner of the key, information about the open key, its designation and field of application, the name of the certification center, etc.

  • Private key — secret information used by the cryptographic algorithm when encoding/decoding communications, installing and testing the digital signature.

Conditions of using API:

  1. Your security.

    You bear responsibility for safekeeping of Your certificate and the secret key to it, as well as for everything that will be done in the Service with the help of Your certificate. All actions in the Service completed using Your certificate and secret key are deemed to be done by You. You agree with this and you are obliged to inform Yandex immediately about any instance of unauthorized access (not permitted by You) using Your certificate and/or about any violation of security. Yandex is not responsible for possible loss or damage to data which may occur due to Your violating the provisions of this part of the User’s Agreement. Yandex calls upon You to take all measures to ensure the security of API work.

  2. Automated access.

    You agree that with the exception of API itself, You are not allowed to use the other resources of automatic access (robots, etc) for the Service.

  3. Monitoring.

    You understand and agree that Yandex carries out monitoring of all the activity surrounding API use and can collect and analyze statistics on User actions performed with the help of API.

  4. Guarantee of access.

    You agree that the conditions of offering the Service (including API) can be altered by Yandex at any time without advance notification to the Users. Therefore, Yandex does not guarantee permanent access to the Service or any of its components. The Service is offered on ‘as is’ basis. Yandex does not guarantee that the Service or its components (including API) will meet the objectives and expectations of the User, nor does it guarantee its operation without failures or errors. Yandex does not bear responsibility for Your actions or the actions of other Users made in the Service with the help of API. Yandex does not compensate any damages, whether direct or indirect, caused to the User or to third parties as a result of using or being unable to use the Service or its separate components (including API).

  5. Validity of the certificate.

    You agree that Yandex can halt access to API or close it completely, change the protocols and methods of access without explaining the reasons and without liability on its part. You yourself are answerable for safeguarding all your data and must be ready to manage campaigns manually.

  6. Restrictions.

    You agree that Yandex can at its discretion designate restrictions (quotas) on use of API or its separate components depending on many factors including, aside from all else, the amount of services rendered already to the account managed by the given certificate, average CTR, whether there are ads rejected by moderators, etc.

    The rules for applying such restrictions are described in the Q&A section: follow the link “API” in Your account.

  7. Third parties.

    In case You use API to manage the campaigns of third parties on the basis of a contract or other agreement between You and them, You must understand that all data relating to the accounts of such clients, as well as other information concerning campaigns of such clients entered using Your certificate is considered to be confidential and You do not have the right to use this data independently or to convey the data to third parties without the written agreement of the owners.

  8. Validity of this Agreement.

    Yandex.Direct reserves for itself the right to halt the validity of this Agreement as it concerns You if You do not fulfill its conditions. After this You will be obliged to stop further use of API.

  9. Final provisions.

    This Agreement and all related use of the Service and API are governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

All claims related to use/inability to use API within the context of the Service must be sent to the address

At any time and without notifying the User, Yandex can change the text of this Agreement and/or any other conditions of using the Service. The present text of this Agreement is available at the address: