Disk API

Yandex.Disk is a service for storing and sharing files that also provides access to files from any device connected to the internet.

Applications that use the Yandex.Disk API can request access to users' files, as well as store their own files on Yandex servers. Cloud storage significantly simplifies data synchronization between smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

WebDAV support

Use the basic HTTP API to:

The Yandex.Disk API features are implemented according to the WebDAV protocol (supports class 1 protocol compliance). Authorize your app and try out the protocol methods in action.


The functions available using WebDAV can be invoked using SDKs for major mobile and desktop platforms:


Use the simple constructor to build a Yandex.Disk widget and put it on your site. You can use the widget to provide necessary files to your site visitors, and they can easily view them or save them on their own Yandex.Disk.