For PC:

Simple and fast

Launching Yandex only takes a few seconds.

The browser interface includes only the most necessary buttons, and plenty of space for viewing pages.

Accelerated page loading even with a slow Internet connection — Turbo mode.

Favorite sites are easy to find

When opening a new tab, you see the Tableau — a panel with an arrangement of thumbnails (widgets) for the pages you visit most often. To go to a desired page, just click its widget.

Keep up with events: widgets can display up-to-date information (weather, traffic, or social network notifications).


Enter web site addresses or search queries in the Smartbox (address bar), and Yandex will figure out what you are looking for and find the results you need. Plus, suggestions will help you ask your question faster and more precisely. Edit your query text right in the address bar, without entering it over again.

Reliable virus protection

The browser uses Yandex SafeBrowsing technology, which protects your computer from infected pages.

Yandex also warns you of danger if you end up on a site that might involve SMS (text message) fraud.

The browser scans all files you download for the presence of malicious code (viruses). Scanning is performed using data from our partner, Kaspersky Labs.

Translating web sites to your language

Yandex can translate web site pages to your native language. It recognizes 9 languages, including English, German, French and Ukrainian.

If you find an unfamiliar foreign word, put the cursor over it and hold down the Shift key. The browser will give you the translation.

Syncing: the easy way to transfer settings and bookmarks

Syncing is a way to securely store your browser settings on a special Yandex server. You can quickly transfer your settings and bookmarks to a Yandex browser that is installed on any other computer.

In addition, Yandex can load your bookmarks, history of viewed pages, and other settings from another browser that is installed on your computer.