Maps API

JavaScript API

The JavaScript API is an excellent tool for integrating an interactive Yandex map into a website. Using this API, you can manage maps and their contents, as well as create various applications — from simple interactive directions to your office, to sophisticated geo information services. Yandex.Maps API is distributed for free, but please see Terms of use. To learn more about all the opportunities the JavaScript API offers, please read the Developer’s guide.

Static API

This API allows you to embed a static map image into the pages of your website. For more information, please read Terms of use. To learn more about the Static API’s functionality, see the Developer's guide.


This service lets you determine geographical coordinates of a house, building or other structure using its name or address and the other way around – using geographic coordinates of an object, find its address (reverse geocoding). Please read the Developer’s guide and Terms of use for more information.

Map Builder

Use this tool to create a custom map to place on your site or blog.


Add lines, markers and descriptions to the map


See how the finished product will look on your site


Get a code to embed the map on your site or blog

Select map type:

Users can zoom in and out and scroll around the map.
A simple map image you can place in your blog or RSS feed.

Please familiarize yourself with the User Agreement:


Copy the code:


The "Place marker" button lets you place markers and comments on the map.
For example, you can pinpoint the location of your office on the map. You can use as many custom markers as you like.
The "Draw line" button lets you draw the best route to your office.
The "Draw shape" button lets you draw warehouses or other features.
When you're ready, press Esc or click on any of the key points and select the corresponding menu option.
Resize map so that it fits your site.


"Interactive map" is created using a JavaScript API.
"Static map" - is created using a Static API.
You can find out about the other Yandex.Maps API features in the "Documentation" section