Yandex.Money API

About the technology

Yandex.Money is the largest internet payment service in Russia. We offer convient payment methods for users and effective tools for business.

Our business tools are useful for stores, sole proprietors, app developers, and charities.

  • Yandex.Money payment solution — includes the most popular payment methods on the internet. Everything is available with a single agreement.
  • API for Apps — lets you configure our tools or create your own payment solution based on them.
  • Ready-made tools — buttons and forms that you can just copy and insert on your site.

You can choose the best solution for you on the Yandex.Money site.

Receive payments

Legal entities and sole proprietors can receive payments to their organization's bank account. Private individuals can receive payments to their Yandex.Money Wallet.

Options for legal entities and sole proprietors

  1. One-time payments from clients, using bank cards, a mobile account, cash or electronic money. This option is appropriate for any online merchants. Everything is connected through the Yandex.Money payment solution — with or without technical integration, depending on whether you need automatic order processing.
  2. Recurring payments — direct debit and storing the client's bank card or Wallet data. This option is appropriate for services with a fee-based subscription. You can implement it using the API for Apps or the Yandex.Money payment solution.
  3. Transfers from Yandex.Money users — from accounts and linked bank cards. They can be received without registration, using the ready-made form. This option is convenient for charitable funds and organizations that do not have an online business.

Options for individuals

We offer ready-made tools — forms and buttons that allow payments from any bank cards or Yandex.Money.

To start accepting payments, you only need to copy the generated code and embed it on your site.

In addition, you can set up:

Make "auto" payments

Our tools allow you to automate mass disbursements — this is convenient for owners of lotteries, currency exchanges, rebate services, and p2p platforms.

For legal entities, disbursements are available in the Yandex.Money payment system. Credits can be sent to:

Individuals can send payments to Yandex.Money accounts using the API for Apps.

Get information about clients

The API for Apps allows data processing for users' Wallets. For example, you can get the balance, history of operations, account status, and linked cards.

These features are usually needed if you make personal finance services or accept payments to a Wallet.