Yandex Rich Content API


The Rich Content API lets you access data in the Yandex content system. The Yandex content system contains tens of billions of pages, and you can get the following data about each of them:

  • Text summary

  • Full page text

  • Links to images on the page

  • Links to videos on the page and their duration

  • Title

  • Page URL in canonical format (short links are expanded)

In the future, we plan to expand this list significantly.

Get started with the Yandex Rich Content API

1Get a free API key.
2Familiarize yourself with the documentation.
3Integrate the function calls into your code.
4Tell your users.

Who needs to use the API

The Yandex Rich Content API is essential for any services that work with web pages. If your users are exchanging links on a regular basis, the API will give you the ability to let them find out about the content of a web page without leaving your service.

Ways to use the API:

  • Browser versions of social networks, along with mobile and social clients for them (such as Twitter).

  • URL shorteners that provide users with additional features (such as

  • Instant messaging services (such as Skype).

  • Social and blogging platforms (such as

  • Browsers and all other URL-centric services.

Usage examples

This is how it might look to use the API for Twitter.

For the web:

For the desktop version:

For the mobile version: