Webmaster is a service that provides information about sites indexed by Yandex. You can use the service to tell the search engine about new pages or removed pages, set up site indexing, and improve your site’s representation in search results.


Using the service

To add a site to the service, you must register on Yandex (get an email address) and confirm site ownership rights in one of three ways: add a meta element to the HTML code on the main page, place a system-generated file in the site root directory, or add a DNS record.


Popular queries
Ya.Webmaster lets you track statistics for search queries that visitors use to get to your site. Data is divided by impressions (where the site is shown in search results and for which queries) and clicks (which queries led users to the site). Analyzing search queries can help determine the site’s target audience for attracting visitors.
Analyzer for robots.txt
Checks the contents of the robots.txt file and verifies that it is working correctly.
Site name case
Changes the case of the site’s domain name for search results. For example, the site name can be configured as
Virus scanner
The service checks whether the site has malicious code and notifies the owner if a virus is found on the site.
Adding the site region
Yandex takes into account the region that a query is submitted from. Search results for the same query are different in different regions, depending on the user’s location. You can use Ya.Webmaster to set the site’s region or to specify that it does not belong to a region.
Configuring the site appearance in search results
For sites belonging to an organization, you can set the contact information that will be shown in search results and on Yandex.Maps.
Note. There are several special features for setting additional information about your site for search results. For example, you can help the search bot determine which pages need “quick links” under the title of the result. Or you can make a long site address readable by changing the case of the letters in it. For sites belonging to organizations, contact information can be added that will be shown in search results and on Yandex.Maps. Thematical sites can provide extra data about the site’s contents using special formats (XML or microformats), and interactive search results can be created using the Islands search platform.